EB/E Equipment Repair List

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Manufacturer Part # Model
Beacon Gauge 0-160 psi Duplex Air Gauge
Beacon Gauge 0-200 psi Duplex Air Gauge
Biddle 210400 5KV Megohmmeter
Biddle 210800-3 Megger
Biddle 21158 Major Megger
Biddle 212159 Megger
Biddle 212559 Megger
Biddle 21805-1 Megger
Biddle 21805-3 / WM6 Megger
Biddle 220005 5KV Dielectric Test Set
Biddle 230315 AC High Pot Tester
Biddle 63220 Earth Tester
CE Comp DPG1000B200 Air Gauge
Conrail 33-682756 Ammeter
Conrail 33-682772 Ammeter
Cragg 520336 Railcharger
Craig 520320 Railcharger
Craig 520334 Railcharger
Craig 520335 Railcharger
Craig 520338 Railcharger
CRS 0-100 MPH Speedometer
Crystal Engineering H2O/PSI MultiCal Pressure Module
Crystal Engineering Hg/PSI MultiCal Pressure Module
CUB A706AC Speedometer
Custom Electronics 780908 Notch & Overspeed Tach
DLL 8351980 4-Terminal Static Voltage Regulator
Eaton 6702ED639 Cooling Fan Contactor
EB/E EB070002B Governor Tester
EB/E MVB-1 Ammeter Tester
Elcon 13892 4-Terminal Static Voltage Regulator
Elcon 13893 3-Terminal Static Voltage Regulator
Elcon PPC 12108 4-Terminal Static Voltage Regulator
Elcon VR13E Voltage Regulator Module 13851
Electro Pneumatic Corporation TIS-3 Track Input Simulator
Electro Pneumatic Corporation TS-1019 Peak-Reading Track Meter
EMD 10561914 Controller Master
EMD 10581678 Dynamic Brake Controller
EMD 10590743 Brake-Power Ammeter
EMD 10592830 Dynamic Brake Controller
EMD 10594562 Dynamic Brake Controller
EMD 10599006 Controller Master
EMD 10599690 Brake-Power Ammeter
EMD 10620135 Brake-Power Ammeter
EMD 40000248 Battery Charging Rectifier Assembly
EMD 40004013 Arc Chute Assembly
EMD 40020570 FS / LTT Contactor
EMD 40024444 Dynamic Brake Contactor
EMD 40032261 Motor Management Ammeter
EMD 40034353 Radar Speed Sensor
EMD 40034361 Contactor
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