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Manufacturer Part # Model
Simpson 260-9SP Analog VOM
Simpson 270-4 VOM
Simpson 270-5 VOM
Simpson 29 0-150 Volts Panel Meter
Simpson 505 Insulation Tester
Simpson TS-111 VOM
Simpson TS-111 Canada VOM
Simpson TS-111 Series 2 VOM
Simpson TS-111 Series 3 VOM
Simpson TS-111 Series 4 VOM
Simpson TS-112 Railroad Tester
Simpson TS-113 Railroad Tester
SMC AW40-N04H-2Z-X470 Air Control Kit
Tesco T50041 Air Control Kit
Tesco T51740 Water Regulator Kit
Transmation 23403E CheckMate 200 Voltage Calibrator
Triplett 2000 Type 2 Railroad Tester
Triplett 2000 Type 3 Railroad Tester
Triplett 2001 Railroad Tester
Triplett 2001 Type 2 Railroad Tester
Triplett 2002 Type 3 Railroad Tester
Triplett 2003 Type 2 Railroad Tester
Triplett 2003 Type 3 Railroad Tester
Triplett 60-6 Analog VOM
TSM 081-15110 LocoTemp
Ultra-Tech 14318-00 Relay Test Set
Ultra-Tech 15100-00 Cab Signal Master
Ultra-Tech 15967-00 Relay Test Set
Vapor 37940921-01 Relay
Wabco 081-15122 LocoTemp
WABCO 081-15123 LocoTemp
Wabco 081-15128 LocoTemp
Wabco Pc. 0654680 Pressure Meter
Wabco UJ620754 PD-30 Code Meter
WABCO UN451033-0202 F40 Converter
WABCO/Union Switch & Signal UN451033-2904 F42 Converter
Wabtec 081-15125 LocoTemp
Wabtec 17742 Memory Card Download
Wabtec 18031P Digital Speed Indicator
Wabtec 18036P Digital Speed Indicator
Wabtec 18037 Speed Indicator
Wabtec DG12 Dynamic Brake Grid Protection Module
Wabtec Q-02306/1 Engine Shutdown Timer
Westinghouse 1544102 0-2000 DC Ammeter
Westinghouse A540201 Duplex Air Gauge
Westinghouse A551753 Duplex Air Gauge
Weston 280 D.C. Volt-Ammeter
Weston 281 DC Ammeter
Yokogawa 2426A Digital Insulation Tester
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