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Manufacturer Part # Model
Pulse RI100-P2-W Remote Speed Indicator
Pulse RI80-P2-W Remote Speed Indicator
Pulse RI80-W Remote Speed Indicator
Pulse SI-100 Speed Indicator
Pulse SI-120 Speed Indicator
Pulse SI-120 Remote Speed Indicator
Pulse SI-120 Speed Indicator (KM/H)
Pulse SI-80 Speed Indicator
Pulse SI-80 Speed Indicator (WITHOUT overspeed)
Pulse SI-80 (with Footage Counter) Speed Indicator
Pulse SI-80 (with WABTEC 22293 Distance Counter) Speed Indicator
Pulse SI90-L-2-A Remote Indicator (For use with SI-C-XX)
Pulse SI-C-XX Speed Indicator Control Module
Pulse SISS-80-01 Digital Speed Indicator (base mount)
Pulse SISS-80-BS06 Digital Speed Indicator
Pulse Train Sentry I Alerter Control Box
Pulse Train Sentry II Alerter Control Box
Pulse TS2-L/H Light / Horn Box
Pulse TS3-CAU-01 Train Sentry III Alerter
Pulse TS3-CAU-01 Train Sentry III Alerter
Pulse TS3-CAU-02 Train Sentry III Alerter
Q-Tron Q-88203/8 Iso-Amp Distribution Panel
Q-Tron Q-89221 Speed System Verifier
Q-Tron Q-93262 120-Pole Axle Alternator
Q-Tron Q-93265 60-Pole Axle Alternator
Quantum Q1009 / KCS Remote Card Download
Quantum Q1009B Remote Card Download
Quantum Q1010 Remote Card Download
Quantum Q1018 Download Port
Quantum Q1018 / Wall Remote Card Download
Quantum Q1027 Locomotive Recorder
Quantum Q1029 Recorder with Camera Interface
Quantum Q1040B Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1040E Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1044B Integrated Alerter / Recorder
Quantum Q1044B-BNSF Integrated Alerter / Recorder
Quantum Q1044C Integrated Alerter / Recorder
Quantum Q1044D Integrated Recorder / Alerter
Quantum Q1044D-BNSF Integrated Recorder / Alerter
Quantum Q1044E Integrated Alerter / Recorder
Quantum Q1045 Integrated Recorder / Alerter
Quantum Q1045B Integrated Recorder / Alerter
Quantum Q1045E N/S Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1045E-CAB N/S Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1046B Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1046D Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1046E Digital Recorder
Quantum Q1050E Digital Event Recorder

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